High*Quality Materials

    smokey quartz crystal skull Rare stones, crystals and other materials in St.Clair's Crystal Resonators are of the highest quality - there are no 'bulk-order' or 'bulk-buying' of the materials used in the design of the Resonators.

    When used, copper, gold and silver wire is bought at retail price and is coiled and designed for each resonator. Runes are hand-cut from fallen branches found in the forests by chance, and burned by hand for the Resonators they are added to. Magnet pyramids and magnet designs are individually made for each Resonator they are added to.

    St.Clair personally searches out expensive individual high quality stones and crystal points to add to his creations. Each piece is often found by chance, and is chosen on an individual basis. As with the Lapis Lazuli they are expensive additions to create each unique piece. Crystals are purchased around Europe, based on their quality and purity, as St.Clair travels and discovers them.

    Quartz crystals, Amethysts, Citrine, precious stones and polished turquoise are chosen from various locations for their purity. From the time consuming search for highest quality materials, to the unique creation of each personal Crystal Resonator Wand, nothing is left to chance. It can often be that a large superior polished crystal costs 400 to 500 Euro, simply because St.Clair wants to see and hold the precious stones or crystals before he buys them.

    The time and the effort in creating one Resonator is a complex process that can take many weeks or months from the discovery of crystals and stones, to the combination of those materials, including cutting and personally hand crafting the Runes from branches found in power locations. Once they are created, each Resonator is charged in special natural 'power locations' and photographed in special and unique surroundings, in all types of weather throughout the year.

Crystal*Art Galleries

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