Light-Seed Wands [Orgone*Crystal Series]

Stargate Buddha Crystal Seer
*SOLD - 1,300 Euro
The Buddha Seer with 9cm Quartz crystal are embedded in a matrix of natural Quartz crystals, Amethsyt, polished Turquoise and a hadn cut Eldar Futhark pine wood Fehu Rune. This Resonator is 28cm in length.
Pearl Light Laser
A tall 11cm natural Quartz crystal with a string of pearls snaking down into the Resonator, is embedded in a very pretty design of pale orange and pale green Calcit, mini-Amethyst crystals, natural Quartz crystals and a fine Amethyst at the base. The hand cut Eldar Futhark pine wood Tiwaz Rune was collected from Odin's wood. The Resonator is 29cm in length
1,350 Euro

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