Lemurian Super Laser [Orgone*Crystals]

Lemurian Super Laser [Neodym N40Mag Gold Plated Pyramid]
This extremely unique and rare smoky quartz laser crystal [11cm] is embedded in a matrix of clear quartz crystal, mini amethyst and green calcite. Polished turquoise is set within the gold-plated N40 magnetic pyramid. Two hand burned runes (one Sequoia and a smaller pine) collected in Odin's Wood: 'Teiwaz' and 'Gebo' - lie opposite each other below the pyramid. Teiwaz (Tyr) 'creator'. Gebo (Gift) 'creation'. A large polished turquoise is set at the base of this Resonator. The smoky quartz seed-laser is of extremely fine quality. This resonator is 27cm in length.
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1,800 Euro

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