Magnetic Warp Drive [Magnetic*Orgone]

Magnetic Warp Drive
Slanted at an angle, this unique 20cm tall, free standing Nuclear Resonator has a diameter of 6cm - with a large 8cm by 4 cm polished mountain crystal. With a hematite inside the magnetic equilateral triangular hexa-hedron, this resonator is a Seer's tool of power.
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1,690 Euro

The Magnetic Warp drive is a polished ghost Crystal Magnetic Wand, with a large magnetic hexa-hedron - a large magnetite in its center, clear quartz and rosequartz and a small yin yang symbol opposite the trianguar magnet. This crystal wand resonator has been Charged@Chillon and at the original site of La Tene, the home of the first Celtic tribes in Europe. [20cm long - crystal 8cm]

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