Óir Réalta - Star Gold [Keltica*Crystal Series]

kyanite gold quartz crystal kyanite
Gaelic: Óir Réalta - Star Gold
A Natural clear quartz crystal (7cm x 6cm) is embedded into a matrix of raw blue kyanite, sea shells and large amethyst point. The amethyst point is facing opposite the clear crystal top. Gold leaf added to the base of the resonator enhances the space and beauty of the combined crystals and minerals. Kyanite is an almost sapphire like blue silicate metamorphic mineral [coming from the Greek word kyanos, meaning 'deep blue'], used as a gemstone this mineral never needs cleaning. It has a high level of purity that perfectly matches the other world energies of amethyst. This resonator is 17cm in length.
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2,110 Euro
amethyst kyanite amethyst gold

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