Keltica*Pictones [Keltica*Crystals]

Keltica Pictones
Truly unique double point crystal Resonator wand, inlaid with a large fine quality polished Turquoise and original Celtic Silver coin, Drachme au cavalier ailé [Pictones] Region of Poitiers, from approx. 120-80 AC. The features have been partially worn down and lost to the passage of time, but this is why this coin was chosen. Set above the Turquoise and Pictones coin is a hand burned Mannaz Elder Futhark Rune, cut from a storm blown branch of a Sequoia [Redwood tree].

An exceptional high quality deep orange natural citrine crystal point [7cm x 6cm] is embedded with a 6cm Quartz crystal into a matrix of small Amethyst crystals, Rosequartz, Obsidian - with a 7cm clear Quartz point extending from the base, including uniquely designed hand burned pictogram runic symbol. This Resonator wand is 18cm in length
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