Charged @ Chillon Castle / La Tene 2009

Summer Solstice 2009 At Chillon Castle

Chillon Castle June 6 2009
Photograping resonators is always an adventure. The quality of energy and light in the photographs at Chillon castle and La Tene (Lake Neuchatel) was clearly a surprise.

The energy inside the castle is reflected in the intense light and colour seen in the photographs. The lake was unusually turbulant on June 6 (just before the full moon), with powerful waves crashing onto the shore. The energy was clean, highly magnetic and protected.
The process of charging and photographing the resonators at Chillon is a complex and delicate procedure. The weather, the atmosphere, light and frequencies play a part in the dynamics of charging the crystals in a special way.

The tall windows can be seen reflected on the surface of the resonators lying on the stone seats at the outer wall of the castle, directely on Lake Geneva.

Resonators Charged At Chillon Castle
Resonators Charged At La Tene