Aladdin Gold Wand [Cathar*Resonator Collection]

Aladdin Gold Wand
Attracting good fortune, the power-tip of this amazing resonator features an Australian Mint, 2009 Kangaroo gold coin (one tenth of an ounce). A large 7cm twelve sided flawless vogel crystal (3.5 cm diameter) is embedded with a natural citrine crystal and an amethyst into a matrix of rutilated quartz, turquoise, kyanite, a hand made Obsidian arrow head and a pine cone from the ancient Phoenician island of Ibiza near Es Vedra. A perfect four sided sunken crystal pyramid completes the Oriental mystery, crafted in February 2011, during the Mars-Sun conjunction in Aquarius, this resonator is 22cm in length.
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1,900 Euro

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