Aladdin Silver Torch [Cathar*Resonator Collection]

Aladdin Silver Torch
A flawless natural quartz crystal (13cm) features at the top this 'seer tool'.

The crystal quartz is embedded with a perfect polished citrine, a labradorite 'monolith' and a two ounce silver coin from the Australian mint [Chinese 2011 year of the Rabbit], are embedded in a complex crystal matrix of rose quartz, a Uruguayan amethyst geode, lapis lazuli, obsidian, celestine, turquoise, hematite, opal, kyanite and malachite.

The cut and polished orange citrine crystal top refracts bright sunlight onto the 2011 silver coin, giving the coin an almost alchemical appearance of gold. Created during the Mars-Sun conjunction in Aquarius, February 2011 - this powerful resonator is 31cm in length.
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2,900 Euro

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