Aladdin Vision Skull [Cathar*Resonator Collection]

Aladdin Vision Skull (With Moldavite Gold Star)
Fine featured 2 by 3 inches ultra-finely shaped Pyrite skull empowered with a 'third-eye' 18 karat golden crown surrounding a high grade 3 gram Moldavite 5-pointed star. This object is a one-time-only totally unique work of art, hand crafted by St.Clair's master jeweler and will never be replicated. The Vision Skull (skull moldavite star) resonator is suitable to be displayed on a sunny window sill to capture the green light emanating from the Seer*Star. A loyal and powerful companion for very interesting times ahead.

The Seer Skull is embedded with a large quartz point (8cm) into a matrix including a very rare polished aquamarine crystal, quality citrine tip, translucent crystal quartz, with a finely carved gem quality chrysoprase skull & gold leaf third-eye at the base.
This resonator is 23cm in length.
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3,900 Euro

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