Excalibur [Cathar*Resonator Collection]

Excalibur has small silver sword in a polished Obsidian stone. This is a complex power resonator crafted into the rare 400 year astro-alignment of the December 2010 Full Moon Eclipse on the Winter Solstice, with Jupiter in line of Uranus. The photos of Excalibure show the moment of the Sun setting during the Solstice.

A brilliant smoky quartz crystal (15cm) is set with amethyst and citrine points into a matrix of Several amethysts, citrine, amber, polished turquoise - togeher with a mysterious Sequoia branch runic symbol wand made by the Celtic Seer of Odin's wood to complete this crystal energy carrier resonator. Crafted from éléments naturels, Excalibur brings together water (sea shells), earth stones (crystals), wood trees and fire. Gold leaf is applied to the core cone in the resonator. This resonator is 12 inches / 31 cm in length.
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3,300 Euro

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