Argonaut Magnetic Star*Gate [Cathar*Resonator Collection]

An Amethyst, a massive Smokyquartz and a large Citrine crystal are embedded in a matrix of yellow calcite, obsidian, rosequartz and amethysts: a huge 5 by 3 inch smoke quartz, a flawless glistening Citrine, and Amethyst, with an 18 karat golden star gate are set above a five-sided powerful magnetic-drive geometric design embedded into a matrix of Citrines and Crystals. This object confers elegance, strength and the ability to balance life. Inside the magnet geometry resides a Buddhist brass bell sphere, which makes this resonator chime its peaceful sound as you carefully lift it out of its metal structure; added to the base is a large quality turquoise and an obsidian. [Length - 12 inches / 30cm]
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3,800 Euro

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