Omega Gold*Skulls

Omega Gold*Skull Pendants
Each unique Gold*Skull is individually crafted by expert Goldsmith Artisans for st.Clair. The Omega Gold*Skull can be ordered in solid Gold [half-an-ounce] or as Gold-Plated silver.

Omega Gold*Skull Pendants:

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Omega Gold*Skull Solid Gold - 1,760 Euro

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Omega*Skull Gold-Plated Silver - 960 Euro

Each Skull has St.Clair's Marque of authenticity.

*The Runic 'St.Clair Marque' - a gold jeweler's stamp on each of these original and unique works of art used to signify authenticity - is an internationally recognized trading item-of-origin certificate. St.Clair uses three symbols for his Marque: The 'Sun' rune, the 'Protection' rune and the 'Light Torch' rune (Sowilo - Algiz - Kenaz) encoding his initials S T C, which in 'Light Language' means the sacred light. Protection by and through the light or light-encoded artifact jewel. An unusual feature of St.Clair's designs are that each Gold Marque is individually added to each and every tool-artifact rather than only being stamped onto each 18 to 20 karat gold piece.

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