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*SOLD Elven Emerald 'Green Fire White Ice' 2,250 Euro
A unique one of a kind hand crafted jewel. This 18 karat Colombian Emerald, 1.7 by 1.6 cm in size, is carefully set in an 18 karat green gold gateway-frame, with the "STC" gold rune marque at the top. The total weight of this piece is 15 grams - with an 18 karat gold chain 52 cm in length. The emerald sits on the heart chakra when worn around the neck. This artesan piece of powerful magic makes a stunning protective and beautiful pendant, designed to attract good fortune and subtle energy to its wearer.

Elven SriVasta
St.Clair's hand crafted 3.5cm by 4.5 cm Elven SriVasta, 5 grams pure silver pendant, is the Tibetan symbol of Infinity, a series of interlocking squares. These harmoniously interlocked Dorjes form a matrix similar to those formed by atoms within natural crystals. Science is rediscovering today the subatomic geometric structures we find in Tibetan art and designs that have lasted for thousands of years. [This pendant does not have the STC Marque]
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650 Euro

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