Tao Te Ching - 2012 Borderlands Collection

Tao Te Ching
Tao Te Ching masterpiece features a massive Amethyst from Uruguay with a perfect Arkansas crystal needle. This elegant and majestic resonator stands on its own as a key center piece for a home of the future. Together with a white fossil nautilus, the structure is embedded into Austrian mountain crystals with a second flawless Brazilian Amethyst. Throughout the base of this resonator one sees a sprinkling of raw emeralds. This powerful free standing tool can be extremely empowering. Tao te Ching is reminiscent of St.Clair's seed-stone - the massive 40cm tall Amethyst Power Pyramid - considering the inner transformations at work balancing a world in chaos. This resonator is 20cm high.

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2,300 Euro

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