Lapis - Blue Light mind [Norse*Wands]

Blue Light Mind
A massive Brasilian crystal obelisk [15cm] is set together with a stunning polished Afghan Lapis Lazuli sculpture [8cm] into a matrix of amethyst crystal and rose quartz, mini amethysts, a large amethyst cluster to create this crystal art of 33cm overall length, with polished obsidian and a large hematite at the base. Lapis lazuli has been highly prized for thousands of years. The stone was used in Sumer and in ancient Egypt to create amulets, scarabs as well as to create jewelry and talismans. In China lapis was used exclusively by the ruling families. Lapis lazuli has been found in Neolithic burial chambers, including beads in Mehrgarh [The Indus Valley Civilization]. Charged@Chillon - this resonator is 33cm in length.
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